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Rohan Gunatillake is an innovation producer and entrepreneur working in wise technology and modern mindfulness. Rohan heads up 21awake, a creative studio which combines deep experience in meditation, technology & design. 21awake is best known for buddhify, the best-selling urban mindfulness app. Rohan also has a specialism in digital innovation in the arts with recent projects including Sync, Native and the Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab. Based in Glasgow, Rohan is a regular speaker with recent appearances at SXSW, FutureFest, Future Everything and the Buddhist Geeks Conference. Rohan has previously worked for IBM, Accenture and Nesta, is a trustee of the British Council and in 2012 Wired magazine named him in their Smart List of 50 people who are about to change the world.

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Rohan Gunatillake is the creative director of 21awake, the makers of buddhify, the mobile mindfulness app for modern life, the co-producer of Sync, a progressive technology programme for the arts in Scotland and a trustee of the British Council.

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