Dear Aleks & Ben, I’m writing a book

Dear Aleks & Ben,

I doubt you remember but we first met when taking coffee at Bar Italia in Soho. It was a spring afternoon in 2012 and so we did the continental thing and sat on the pavement and watched the various worlds go by. We spoke about technology, the mind, mindfulness and more. You had both tried the first version of buddhify and though you weren’t to know, you were the first users that I didn’t know beforehand that I had actually met in person so it was exciting to hear your feedback. Doubly, triply so given your insights and understanding of our increasingly digital world.

During that conversation you said that I should write a book about this thing I call modern mindfulness. I laughed off your suggestion at the time. As accomplished journalists and writers yourselves, I knew that books were an important currency to you but it felt such a long way away for me at the time. Book writing were for experts. For thinkers. Not for people making two-bit apps as a side-project using spare time and money from down the back of the sofa.

Things have changed in the three years since then. buddhify has really kicked on. It has reached a scale and diversity of audience that touches me every day. It has given me the platform – for now – to make more creative mindfulness-related work to the extent where I have this very curious label of meditation entrepreneur. What a hoot. And a pleasure. And honour.

What hasn’t changed is that you were right. I should write a book. So I am. It is called This Is Happening and will be out early next year. Published by the wonderful new imprint at Pan Macmillan called Bluebird, and encouraged by Julia Kingsford (the best agent ever), it is all reframing and redesigning mindfulness so that it can be part of our modern digital lives. Part ideas book, part practical toolkit, it’s very exciting indeed. And as a teaser, a short eBook called 24 Hour Mindfulness will come out this summer.

So thank you for planting that seed over espresso back in 2012.




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  1. Steve Thompson


    This is such a great story! Congratulations on your success and good luck with your new project of writing a book.

    I too met Aleks for the first time in 2011 and on a couple of occasions since. She is an incredibly special person and has changed the direction of my life too. The funny thing is, I think she has no idea just how inspirational she is and how her enthusiasm for life is so infectious! I’m sure she thinks I’m crazy, so it’s great to hear from someone who knows where I’m coming from!
    I’ve yet to meet Ben, but if he’s anything like his partner, he too is an amazing person.

    Hope you don’t mind me sharing this with you.

    Best of luck with the book. I’m sure it will be a tough slog but ultimately well worth it!

    All the best


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